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Specialty - EANx Diver
Specialty - EANx Diver
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The NITROX Enriched Air Diver course is a minimum one (1) day training class which provides recreational divers with the knowledge required to safely plan and conduct recreational Enriched Air (Nitrox) dives. Advanced Certification dives are credited to the ENRICHED AIR NITROX DIVER course. Specialty Certification dives are credited to the MASTER SCUBA DIVER course.

Two ENRICHED AIR NITROX ocean dives, using an Enriched Air Nitrox operational formula, follow the academic topics, as an elective.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student is certified as an ENRICED AIR NITROX DIVER and qualifies for further training as recreational MASTER SCUBA DIVER or into the professional career as a DIVEMASTER.

*Dive ENRICHED AIR NITROX while completing other Specialty Certifications!

You'll have the option of completing Beach Dives or Boat Trips for your Ocean Dives!

**Additional Charge for (1) EANx Tank Beach Ocean Dive Option.
**Additional Charge for
(2) EANx Tank Beach Ocean Dive Option.
**Additional Charge for
(2) EANx Tank Boat Trip Ocean Dive Option.

Course Includes:
  • Classroom (1) Day
MUST Purchase (Diver Materials Crew Pack) unless previously obtained.
Discount on Rental Equipment Packages

Discount on Beach or Boat Dives w/EANx Tank Rentals

Special Equipment Required:
Wetsuit (Full Body)
Dive Slate
Dive Knife
Line & Reel
Signal Device
Dive Compass
Dive Computer (Required)
Light Sticks (x4)
Flash Lights (x2)

SCUBA Diving will change your Life!

Entry Requirements: Open Water Diver Certified
Minimum Age: 15 yrs. or Older
Certification: PIC Certification Fee $35 - Included
Academic Topics & Skill Hours: Total Clock Hours: 04:00
Administration Assessment 00:15
EANx Advantages & Disadvantages 00:15
EANx Dedicated Equipment 00:15
EANx Acquisition & Analysis 00:15
EANx Dive Plan w/ Air RDP's 00:30
EANx Dive Plan w/ EANx RDP's 00:30
Oxygen Exposure Management 00:30
EANx Special Application Dives 00:15
EANx Dive Emergency Management 00:15
EANx Mathmatical Formulas 00:30
Academic Assessment 00:30
Plan & Execute (2) EANx Dives (Optional) 04:00
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