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Professional - DIVEMASTER
Professional - DIVEMASTER
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The Professional DIVEMASTER course is a 10 day class during which qualified Rescue Divers learn the knowledge and skills necessary to make the transition from a recreational diver to the first professional membership level. Instructor level academic knowledge will be developed and tested. Opptional apprentiship program available to develop learned leadership.

Confined Water Training includes perfecting all standard open water skills which are improved to demonstration quality, rescue skills, equipment exchange (problem solving) and watermanship and stamina are evaluated.

Dives typically include: deep, wreck, drift, reef, navigation, underwater mapping, and dive leader exercises which will develop the candidates' skills in dive planning, leadership and proper response to common underwater problems.

Functioning as an instructional assistant is also covered in the pool and the ocean. Upon successful completion of the course, the student is certified as a Professional DIVEMASTER and qualifies for attendance to the Instructor Development Course (IDC) - leading to eventul certification as a Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Course Includes:
  • Boat Trips (1)
  • Beach Dives (2)
  • Rental Tanks (4)
MUST Purchase (Diver Materials Crew Pack) unless previously obtained.
Discount on Rental Equipment Packages

Discount on Boat Trips (2) Ocean Dives
Discount on Air Rental Tanks

Discount on EANx Rental Tanks

Special Equipment Required:
Wetsuit (Full Body)
Dive Slate
Dive Knife
Reel w/ Line
Signal Device
Dive Compass
Dive Computer
Light Sticks (x4)
Flash Lights (x2)

SCUBA Diving will change your Life!
Entry Requirements: Rescue Open Water Diver Certified
Entry Requirements: Current Emergency First Responder
Entry Requirements: Diving Medical Examination
Entry Requirements: Minimum 20 Logged Dives
Minimum Age: 18 yrs. or Older
Certification: PADI Divemaster Application Fee $72 - NOT Included
Completion Requirements: Proof of 60 Logged Dives, including Night, Deep and Navigational Dives
Academic Topics & Skill Hours: Total Clock Hours: 66:30
Administrative Assessment 03:00
Pro Role & Characteristics 01:30
Supervising General Diving Activities 01:30
Assisting Student Divers in Training 02:00
Dive Theory Introduction 00:30
Physics of Diving 03:00
Physiology of Diving 03:00
Dive Equipment Orientation 02:30
Decompression Theory & the RDP 06:00
Divemaster Conducted Programs 01:00
Risk Management 00:30
The Business of Diving 00:30
Your Diving Career 00:30
Confined Water Skills: Total Clock Hours: 15:00
Watermanship & Stamina 03:00
SCUBA Skill Development 07:00
Rescue Techniques Evaluation 02:00
Problem Solving Exercise 01:00
DMT Role in Confined Water Training 01:00
Skin Diver Skills 01:00
Open Water Skills: Total Clock Hours: 12:00
Underwater Mapping Project 04:00
DMT Role in Continuing Education 01:00
Leading Certified Divers 01:00
DMT Role in Open Water Training 06:00
Academic Assessment 03:00
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