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Automatic External Defibrulator Medic
Automatic External Defibrulator Medic
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The AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRULATOR MEDIC course is a minimum 1 day class which is an important step in expanding the Diver knowledge and experience and is a prerequisite required for the RESCUE SCUBA DIVER. This performance-based course will involve classroom presentations, special equipment needs, skill development followed by training and experience scenarios. Candidates may Elect to combine AED Medic with the Resue Diver course to spread-out course curriculum.

The Automatic External Defibrulator program meets requirements for Basic Life Support in the workplace (OSHA Guideline 29 CFR 1910.151), and incorporates the latest procedures for emergency patient care. Other organizations that recognize AED Medic as meeting their requirements are United States Coast Guard, the Boy Scouts of America, and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), to name a few.

The Automatic External Defibrulator course is a basic training class in basic life support emergency care CPR, basic First Aid and other important emergency care skills for injuries and illnesses are combined into this course which allows graduates to function with consistent priorities in an Emergency.

The DAN (Divers Alert Network) AED Medic; ARC (American Red Cross) AED Medic; and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) AED Medic courses are basic training classes in providing Automatic External Defibrulation first aid to victims / patients in diving related accidents.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student is certified as a AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRULATOR MEDIC and qualifies for further training into the professional career as a DIVEMASTER.

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Entry Requirements: N/A
Minimum Age: N/A
Certification: PIC Certification Fee $35 - Included
Academic Topics & Skill Hours: Total Clock Hours: 03:00
Administrative Assessment 00:30
Scene Assessment 00:15
Prevent Disease Transmission 00:15
Barrier Use & Disposal 00:15
Anatomy & Physiology Review 00:15
AED Life Saving Benefits 00:15
Equipment Assembly & Familiarization 00:15
Skill Development Scenarios 00:15
Academic Assessment 00:15
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